Ostania Mangosteen amrita.

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Amazing Benefits

This nectar maybe just all you need.
Every bottle of Ostania amrita is an experience of health

Antioxidant Tested

< 14000 ORAC tested at the National Univeristy of Singapore.

Source of Vitamin C

Packed with natural source of Vitamin C from fruits.

High Fibre

Natural fibres assists in improving absorption of nutrients and helps to suppress appetite.

No Added Sugar

No added Sugar, High Corn Fructose Syrup and Artifical Sweeteners

No Added Colouring

Just plain naturally coloured.
No nasty things.

Immune Boosting

Proprietary Mangosteen extract is proven at the genetic level to suppress harmful bacteria.

Why Ostania?

Extreme care is taken when making Ostania Amrita.
Its sacret nectar is harvested from the precious skins of the mangosteen with the upt most care to ensure the most potent extract is retrieved in an almost sterile environment.

Every bottle has been tested to ensure antioxidant and functional actibity.

All this attention to detail results in a best tasting superfruit drink available on the market.

ps. Tastes even better cold

  • Standardised Antioxidant ORAC 14200 (17 Glasses Red Wine)
  • Source of Vitamin C & Fibre
  • Absorbs harmful free radicals
  • Anticancer & Immune Boosting

Science Behind Ostania Amrita

Creating a great tasting functional beverage is indeed challenging. The challenge comes about from the actual fruit the mangosteen. It all starts at our farm where we treat the trees. Ensuring the optimal amount of nutrients and ideal growing conditions are meet.

Fruiting is only once a year, and fruits have to be picked off the tree. Fruit which are found off the ground are hard and unusuable.

Naturally the fruiting surfaces needs to be clean from debries and potential microorganisms. Each individual fruit is brushed clean and rinsed in water. The fruit under goes seperation and skins processed and prepared for extraction.

Our excellent taste comes from the combination of superfruits which not only taste great helps bolster more nutritional value.

All this goodness without the addition of sugar.

About Ostania

Ostania is a brand focused on mangosteen and its derivatives, with a minimalistic practical approach on products which can complement everybodies unique lifestyle.

Ostania Mangosteen amrita was created to firstly be bursting with Antioxidants and Great Tasting under the strictist manfuacturing standards of ISO22000 & Halal.

How to Use?

So simple to be healthy!

Step 1 - Pour

Grab you favourite cup or shot glass < 30mL.

Step 2 - Ice/Water/Straight

Ostania mangosteen amrita is rich in fruits with no added sugars. Some would prefer a light taste you can add ice and/or water 1:1 to Ostania.

Done! Drink

Quench the thirst and experience great health. Prolonged energy during the day coupled with cancer fighting antioxidants and improved immunity against flu/colds and coughs.

Farm To You

Every tree is cared for to ensure only the highest quality fruit is nurtured and processed into Ostania amrita.

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